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Transferable Skills: Abilities to Learn that Will Help Keep You Employed Even During the Roughest Times

  • On 11th Jul 2020
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Story by Learnerus Lifelong

There is the term “recession-proof” that applies to businesses that offer some sort of service or product that will always be in demand and in need. These industries can always make money even during the most difficult times. A few examples of recession-proof businesses would be the healthcare industry, education, public safety, and law.

However, now, individuals are looking at making themselves recession-proof by learning skills and trades that may guarantee them employment even when the economy is tanking. These people are often learning transferable skills that will universally be useful for working in many different industries as these will always be in demand. This means that if one industry is suffering, such as car manufacturing because no one is purchasing new cars in a recession, they can switch to another opportunity that they qualify for.

Transversal Skills Support Employment for the Future

When speaking of transversal skills, they are the opposite of specific skills. For instance, a specific job skill may be associated with construction or some sort of manufacturing. It is great that a person knows how to weld or pour cement, but if that sector is hit with an economic downturn, it may be a while before you can collect a paycheck.

Transversal skills are abilities that are not relegated to one particular job. A person can carry these skills into an assortment of industries and still be able to get employed. Listed below are some of the more attainable skills that can be acquired through experience or through furthering a person’s education through training, workshops, and courses.

Communication Skills

Being able to communicate in business or personally in life is not an easy thing to do for most people. Trying to get your point across and open yourself up to other’s ideas is almost impossible for a percentage of people. Open communication is a skill that is valued in numerous industries. If a person can communicate well, it can open doors for them regardless of what sector they are in.

For instance, for a good salesperson, it does not matter what they are selling, it is just they have the fine-tuned ability to sell anything and to anyone. Part of the reason they are able to do so is that their communication skills are advanced to a certain degree.

Knowing English

Some people take it for granted, but knowing how to communicate in English is an important skill to have at your disposal. In addition, it is the number one language used for business purposes. Almost two billion people know English around the globe. If you aren’t able to speak English, your possibility of being able to go from industry to industry will decrease.

Critical and Innovative Thinking

When first meeting a person who has the ability to think critically and creatively, it can be eye-opening. They usually make great managers and leaders as they can constantly think on the fly and come up with solutions to even the most difficult problems. They use logic, reasoning, imagination, and often think outside the box more than most people are capable of doing. If you truly want to make yourself valuable to numerous sectors, study up on critical thinking skills and learn how to increase the ones you already have.

Being a Global Citizen

Being a global citizen means more than just having your passport on hand. It is having the ability to identify with the many cultures that are around the globe and knowing the history behind them. An employer will be much more likely to hire someone that has an understanding of the culture than they will of someone that has limited knowledge of a civilization’s heritage. Having a respect for diversity will make a person stand out for all the right reasons.

Inter and Intra-Personal Skills

One of the key terms that an employer likes to hear from a possible future employee is that the individual is a self-starter and a team player. Self-motivation and discipline are attributes that any company would welcome. Knowing that someone is well organized and ready for the next step will allow employers to offer jobs even if the person is not 100 percent perfectly matched for the position. Strong inter and intra-personal skills can overcome a deficiency of knowledge because the employer will know the individual can quickly assimilate into what is trying to be accomplished.

IT Skills

Technology is never going away. Every industry is investing heavily in automation and other avenues of technology. The ability to have such a transversal skill in your repertoire such as being tech-inclined will open doors for you in every conceivable industry. For instance, if you know about cloud computing and cybersecurity, you can essentially choose which industry you want to work in.

Being a Lifelong Learner

There might be others - take, for example, Project Management - and if you have the eagerness of wanting to be a lifelong learner, the world is your oyster. If employers are fortunate enough to stumble upon someone that not only wants to learn, but enjoys it, they won’t let you go.

How to Learn These Transferable Skills in a Timely Manner

Luckily, in today’s age, online courses, and shared experience of other learners, are available that will adapt to anyone’s schedule. In fact, users of LearnerOn.Net have posted Learning Paths for virtually every single one of these skills listed above. The course load is already in place and the person will simply have to make their way through it as they learn these skills that will make them recession-proof. If you would rather just focus on individual courses instead, LearnerOn.Net has links to thousands of them to choose from. After all, if you aren’t constantly trying to better yourself, don’t expect employers to be welcoming you into their business. There are risky and safe bets that everyone experiences in life, both personal and work-related, but improving your overall value as an employee by learning transversal skills is one of the safest bets you will ever make.

Yours making sure to stay universally employable (even if not always employed),


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