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The Gifts of Education: Well-Being, Longevity, Humanity, and Prosperity

  • On 28th Mar 2020
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Story by Learnerus Lifelong

Everyone probably realizes already that a higher education can often bring with it more financial success. It seems, for the most part, the more degrees and skills learned equals a larger paycheck in the long run. But there is evidence that a higher education can actually provide much more than just greater money in your bank account every month. It can also bring you longevity, a higher quality of life, greater well-being, and even more humanity.

The Meaning of Education

Most people equate education solely with landing a better career, but it is much more than that. One of the definitions of education, in fact, just says “an enlightening experience”. An education certainly brings about several enlightening experiences in life as it can relate to the entire world and not just the field you are studying. Constant learning has a way of bettering even the most difficult of people.

Better Well-Being

Researchers from the project Identity, Socioeconomic Status, and Well-Being analyzed data provided by the British Social Attitudes Survey, the British Household Panel Survey, and the International Social Survey Programme. Their findings strongly indicated there was a direct correlation between education and well-being.

A higher education was connected to improved health and fitness, a more positive outlook on life, and a less hostile attitude toward others. While we all realize that a person’s level of education is also a strong predictor of income level and employment status, it is also indicative of marital status as well. It indicates that if you want a happy marriage, it is tied in with your level of education. Overall, improving your education can benefit you psychologically, mentally, and emotionally.

Increased Longevity

Harvard University is well known as a beacon of education and for its notable studies. One completed study from Harvard University emphasizes that a higher education can mean a longer lifespan.

This doesn’t mean that an extra few years of college or taking lifelong learning courses will automatically extend your life. Instead, it just details that an educated person will make better overall lifestyle decisions resulting in a longer life. For instance, the educated person will more likely avoid risky behavior, smoking, and obesity. Furthermore, they will likely be more active and less sedentary. This results in increased longevity and a better quality of life as well. A longer and more intelligent life does not sound so bad.

More Humanity

Humanity is all about treating others with kindness, care, and dignity. It is the act of being more humane towards others. It is something that all of us should strive for. Unfortunately, in society nowadays, that seems like a rarity. However, with a better education, it seems like the person is more likely to raise their level of humanity towards others.

The golden rule says to treat others how you want to be treated yourself. It is the perfect way to live your life. Those with a better education are less likely to steal, lie, or commit crimes in general because not only do they know the difference between right and wrong, but many educated people have an improved moral compass that does not allow them to cheat others. This is not to say that there are less educated people out there that may be the kindest and most humane people you will ever meet in your life. It just asserts in general that highly educated people will be more likely to express compassion and politeness than other people that may be struggling.

How to Enhance and Strengthen Your Current Education

There are numerous ways to improve upon your current education and, in the process, prosper more financially along with the other attributes listed above.

For example, LearnerOn.Net has thousands of online courses listed, searcheable and navigable that can enhance your education dramatically and bolster your overall position in life. In fact, if you would like to focus on introducing more humanity into your life, there are already Learning Paths created that will propose courses that strengthen a person’s empathy, sympathy, social intelligence, and emotional intelligence.

The financial benefit associated with a higher education doesn’t hurt one bit either. For instance, data provided by Eurostat about the European Union showed that the average salary took a dramatic leap forward when someone has achieved a higher level of learning. Through the courses a person can take at LearnerOn.Net, it can raise the likelihood of increase in salary than if you just had a high school diploma.

Bettering Your Place in Life Across the Board

Knowing now that a better education can optimize your life on almost all levels, it should make it an easy decision to start following your own customized learning path. LearnerOn.Net can definitely help with deciding which courses and learning to take in upgrading your position in life.

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