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The Coronavirus Is Now Making Remote Learning the Norm

  • On 12th Sep 2020
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Story by: Learnerus Lifelong

Besides people having to put their jobs on hold while quarantining themselves in their homes from the threat of contracting the coronavirus, education has also been affected the most. From preschool to colleges and universities, schools have shut down for a period of time and adapted more of a combination of classroom curriculum with remote learning.

While online learning had been mentioned as something that would be prevalent in the future, it was introduced to the masses early because of the caution associated with the COVID virus. It really was an example of “ready or not, here I come”. And while most schools and educators are trying their best to assimilate online learning as they go, it hasn’t been an easy process as people often fear change. Plus, an educator that has 20 years under their belt in their physical classroom may not be ready to trade it in for teaching in a virtual classroom. But the times are changing!

Trying to Create an Online Curriculum While Communicating With Students

Once remote learning was initiated in most school districts as a way to keep students and faculty safe during the epidemic scare, it was left to educators to decide what was the best way to communicate with their students. Of course, making individual phone calls to each and every student to explain lessons was ruled out quickly! It would take all day and night to accomplish something like this. Instead, a few options were put into place.

  • Video Conferences

  • Classroom Website and Message Boards

  • Email

Unfortunately, there are problems that have to be dealt with for all three.

The video conferences that involved all the students at once could be difficult to set up with people logging in late or suffering through untrustworthy internet. There are constant distractions seemingly with each student’s connection as people seem to walk into the room and interrupt the lessons that are being taught at any time. Video conferences with the class, especially of young students, can test any teacher’s patience. And, also, have you ever tried to seek references and links to educational resources through recorded video? Cumbersome at best, wasn’t it?

Classroom websites and message boards are a nice alternative as you can place constructed videos and comments on them for students to watch and read during their convenience. But keeping everything updated constantly and ensuring all students are participating in the curriculum is tricky.

Lastly, email is perfect to use if you are in charge of a small class. However, emailing every single student could take time if you have a class of 30 like many educators do nowadays. Plus, answering back every reply is timely as well.

Think Bigger Picture

The keymost task for the online educator very often is where, and how, to store an updated, curated, annotated, and well ordered list of online learning resources to which he/she can refer to during the class. Then the learners could inspect away from the class as well. Plus, it could be easily shared with a wider group or be made public.

LearnerOn.Net could solve many of the problems listed above. In fact, it could be well working standalone site or work in conjunction with the other options listed above.

It would be the perfect place to share learning resources, links, and instruction so it is available to all instantly. With the opportunity to create Learning Paths on LearnerOn.Net or follow someone else’s already established Learning Path, you could pretty much develop an entire online curriculum for specific topics or whole subjects. Everyone could be free to view the information so sharing it quickly with others would certainly not be an issue. As an example, sharing one link to an entirely created Learning Path that has all of the information needed and contained in one place for a certain class is much simpler than sharing dozens of links to resources needed through dozens of emails.

Other Educators Could Use LearnerOn.Net For Inspiration

Most educators are currently scrambling trying to come up with ideas on how to do remote learning appropriately for themselves, the students, and even the parents. Essentially everyone is seeking collections of useful learning links. For example, it appears almost everyone seems to be starting from scratch or from their own privately collected researched links. As people stress out and question whether they are doing it the best way or not, they could look for LearnerOn.Net for inspiration. LearnerOn provides and access and navigation to thousands of online courses on just about every topic available. With the Learning Paths, many courses are already chosen for an entire curriculum. LearnerOn.Net also provides textbooks search engine for students to use. Perhaps other schools from elementary to college could take a look at how this is being done and utilize it for themselves as well.

Remote Learning Is Never Entirely Going Away After This

Even though there are educators out there dreading trying to teach mostly through remote learning for at least the first part of the school year, in reality, remote learning is never going to go away.

All the schools maybe were not quite ready for introducing remote learning to all students, but this has been a trial run that nobody is going to forget. It wasn’t all smooth sailing, that’s for sure. But it should leave all educators knowing that they can at least teach a couple of courses every so often entirely online.

Even after COVID is contained, it won’t be long before high schools and colleges offer just as many remote classes as they do within the confines of their brick and mortar classroom. And this is a good thing. Students will be able to take specific courses from expert teachers that are everywhere around the globe. Students are going to start learning from the very best in no time. It really is going to be a new age in education and the enforced quarantining of large sections of the population is what has ushered it in. Allow LearnerOn.Net to help usher in the change!

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