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Small step for mankind, and a leap for LearnerOn.Net & On motivation for the Lifelong Learning

  • On 9th Dec 2018
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Dear Lifelong Learning fans and friends!

We wanted to share with you, that this week we passed a landmark of a kind: we welcomed our hundredth registered user! Perhaps a small step for mankind, but quite a leap for LearnerOn.Net (paraphrasing the first man in the moon Neil Armstrong). Our site is moving forward, and we wanted to thank you to learners who joined us already - while encouraging the others to do too!

On this occasion, we wanted to share with you some of the insights we collected along the LearnerOn.Net preparation. Some of you may know that prior to launching our site, we did run (in late 2017 and early 2018) a landing page aimed at an early check of interest in a lifelong learning site (and there was some - therefore here we are!), together with an anonymous online questionnaire mapping matters like motivation for ongoing adult education, the time elapsed since the last formal education of a lifelong learner, interest in major learning subjects and categories and more. The questionnaire yielded more than 1800 respondents. We did not check the geography, neither any other demographic attributes of our respondents, but the questionnaire was open to global audience.

We will bring you gradually our findings, with today's part on the motivation of adult people to engage in ongoing learning and education. The question, allowing for multiple choice answers,  was following:

What would best describe your motivation for the subject of Lifelong Learning and the homespace in preparation?

With ten distinct choices for an answer, and eleventh free - "Other" - choice to allow for specific reasons, the collected answers were following:

Choice Count
I want to learn from the learning experiences of others 393
I lost my job, or am afraid to lose it, and want to stay competitive 341
I feel strongly that adult learning is my way towards more interesting and better paid job 319
I am having a learning experience, and am happy to share with others 319
I would be interested in education sources and courses offered by education providers 309
I am keen to learn new things for the sake of sheer interest! 295
I stayed away from job for prolonged period of time and feel a need to refresh my knowledge and confidence 289
I am an education professional or associated with a learning provider 245
I recently finished my university, but do not feel prepared for the practicalities of the job market 233
I would be interested in ratings and reviews of education sources, courses, bootcamps and providers 191
Other 60

You will notice that the sum of all answers provided is more than the number of respondents (some 1800) - it reflects some respondents having selected multiple of choices.

What are the main takeaways from the answers? First, they provide (for sure non-exhaustive) view over the landscape of diverse motivations for and interests in adult learning, together with the relative ordering of their importance. Second, they are useful guidance for the development of LearnerOn.Net's further functionality. As you see on our main page, we started from the Lifelong Learning Q&A forum, but there is more to come - stay tuned!

And this is it for this installment of our News & Views. We will keep coming with more of the adult education-related insights, and with more news on our functionality and content. We do look forward meeting you on the site!

Wishing you an inspiring Lifelong Learning,

LearnerOn.Net team

  • Learner2

    Very nice, real life summary of various motivations for Lifelong Learning! I am looking forward to more findings from your survey.

    BY Learner2
    On 24th December 2018
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