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On Motivation: Overcome Challenges and Stay on Course for Successful Continuous Lifelong Learning

  • On 29th Feb 2020
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Story by Learnerus Lifelong

Lifelong learning is essential to the vitality of the mind, to attain self-actuation, and eliminate self-doubt. As you grow, you need to expand your knowledge, skills, and understanding of the world around. This enables you to realize more exciting and better opportunities in personal and professional domains. Simply said, lifelong learning will improve the quality of life. However, the way is littered with challenges capable of distracting and enticing you to give up early. A lifelong learner needs effective guidance and support to pursue his goal and guard against the loss of motivation.

The Benefits of Lifelong Learning

The inherent inquisitiveness and quest for constant betterment make human beings naturally predisposed for lifelong learning. While this may be a mouthful to say, it is completely true! Learning new skills plays a part in making one happier, more productive, and more valued. It boosts the self-confidence and is the keystone of personal development.It increases your awareness of places you visit, educates about medical issues impacting your family, and prepares yourself with a better strategy to deal with every day life challenges. In professional life, it provides the much-needed scope to continuously upgrade with the next set of abilities. You need to unlearn older skills, obtain new ones, identify better ways to do things, and get appropriate certifications and licenses in sync with economical and technological changes. New knowledge and skills step up self-sustainability, competitiveness, and employability.

The MOOC Route of Lifelong Learning

The advent of massive open online courses (MOOC) has made lifelong learning easier, widespread, and accessible to everyone. With its innovative web-based learning model and online pool of resources, anyone irrespective of age and location can enroll in a course. You can listen to lectures in virtual classrooms and communicate with your professor and classmates without even having to leave the house. In the digital era, you can also compose personalized Learning Path, pay attention to your preferred mode of learning and much more.

The L-Shaped Curve

High-emotional intelligence leads people to look beyond formal education. The eagerness to enhance their self-management motivates them to learn, update, and acquire new capabilities and awareness. However, they often face the risk of hitting an L-shaped learning path. High enthusiasm marks the initial phase. But it drops off after a while and becomes overwhelmed by other needs in life. Many give up midway leaving their passion unfulfilled and skills without an upgrade. This has much to do with the motivational level of learners as well as the curriculum structure. Lifelong learners need support and freedom different from the average school and college students. They need more flexibility, wider peer support, real-world goals, and active engagement to overcome challenges in their learning process.

Barriers to Lifelong Learning

A lifelong learner has to brave social, emotional, motivational, and economical challenges. Emotional sensitivity overwhelms more often leading to the fear of criticism or judgment by others. All these things can add up and make it difficult to adjust to change. This leads to giving up on something before you really even get started.

Stay On Course With LearnerOn.Net

With a comprehensive understanding of challenges and barriers, LearnerOn.Net extends extensive support to lifelong learners to maintain their motivation. We go beyond the traditional MOOC-support channels to help learners choose and stick to the right learning path.

LearnerOn.Net takes ample care to foster active engagement at community levels so that learners feel motivated. We fully recognize the wisdom of Lifelong Learners and believe in bringing all community members to aid and assist one other.

Our effort is also geared toward helping learners to achieve systematic adaptation and adjustment. Lifelong learners are not ordinary students and their distinct status must be respected with special attention. LearnerOn.Net ensures that they do not push themselves into uncharted waters without a plan. Backed by scientific data and research on well-mapped adult education, we put in place an adaptive setting exclusively for such learners to set in motion a gradual, evolving, and satisfying learning path.

We take a keen interest in rewarding lifelong learners. They can search through over 17,000 online courses, millions of books and tens of curated learning paths to make a decision based on their needs. Apart from price and estimated time-to-complete filter, we enable you to walk through all details and to know if lessons are structured around real-world goals.

You also have the option of Book Search. Distinct from any promotional showcase, we connect learners to the Google Books search API so that they can get easy access to the world’s largest reference library.

The site is easy to log in using email or social media. Privacy of users is protected while allowing them to maximize their community interaction. Ease of navigation helps get optimum benefits through engagement. LearnerOn.Net takes upon the duty to keep you on track and motivates you to complete a course successfully. After all, the more we learn, the better we make this world. Let’s empower ourselves through constant and consistent lifelong learning!

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