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Learning Advanced Future Skills Will Place You in High Demand in the Job Market

  • On 9th May 2020
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Story by Learnerus Lifelong

Technology is advancing at a hurried pace and if you are not keeping up with it, then you are placing yourself in jeopardy in the workplace. If you are not developing your skill set with what the job market is needing and demanding, then you are at risk of making yourself obsolete. However, on the other hand, if you are in possession of high-end AI technical skills, you may just be surprised to find out how much you will be in demand in the job market.

LearnerOn.Net is an excellent place to make sure your job skills are increasing right along with the demand. After all, it is much better to get ahead of things at your place of employment than let yourself fall behind. Or, if you are looking to search out a new possible career, LearnerOn.Net can assist you in landing that dream job through one of their many offered Learning Paths.

Which Skills Should Be Learned and Improved Upon?

If you are going to make the effort to develop yourself into something more attractive in the workforce, then you might as well shoot for the stars and aim for the high-end advanced future skills that are going to be in demand in the near future.

Of course, everyone knows that automation is being used in more and more factories around the globe. Because of this, millions of jobs will soon be eliminated as robots can not only complete these tasks, but do so more efficiently.

With this in mind, perhaps place yourself into a position where you can maintain and operate all of this automation. A data engineer and data scientist are people who have knowledge and skills developing artificial intelligence (AI) and would certainly possess an in-demand high-end skill that employers would want to seek out.

What Is AI and How Do I Develop These Skills?

You may believe that AI is just something that you see in fancy sci-fi movies. However, you almost certainly already use AI daily in your life. In fact, 97 percent of all households already use AI voice assistants either through their phones or other devices. Plus, it won’t be long before AI-driven automated cars will be making their way driving all roads across the globe.

AI can be used by companies to enhance business productivity by 40 percent for numerous industries. It is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s workforce. In fact, the famed employment site, LinkedIn, detailed on their 2020 Emerging Jobs Report that “Artificial Intelligence Specialist” is its number-one emerging job. It has demonstrated 74 percent annual growth over the past four years.

If you would like to learn more about AI and how you can get a foot in the door into this field, there are Learning Paths for specific occupations and career paths at LearnerOn.Net that will educate you on what courses you should be focusing on. Before long, you will be able to intelligently discuss the possibilities of AI with your employers.

Why Should I Be Interested in Data Science?

If you have a genuine interest in data science and posses the strong guts for math, stats or coding, then you may be able to generate a career at it down the road. Data science is developed by closely examining algorithms, patterns, and trends in an effort to gain valuable insight and knowledge in whatever industry it pertains to.

There are thousands of companies searching for the right person to assist them with their data science. Amazon, Google, and Appple are just a few of the bigger ones. Some of the titles given to the employees that are able to use this important data information are data engineer, database administrator, and data scientist. If you consider yourself a rookie at data science, but are interested in climbing the ladder, there is a perfect learning path for you.

Computer Science Could Be For You

The computer science industry is a broad field as it involves software, software systems, the study of computers, and whole entire computer systems and networks. Someone who is adept at computer science can develop and maintain software and applications that work to make certain jobs and tasks proceed more efficiently. If you have knowledge about computer science, then your future should be looking bright as there are plenty of careers in this field that are in high demand.

Plan for the Future

Don’t wait a second longer if you truly consider yourself or want to become a lifelong learner. Bettering your career and improving your current financial position should be a goal to strive for. By investing in yourself by learning about and acquiring high end and high demand skills, you will soon be earning higher pay as well.

Rather than continue working the same job you have been for years and risk being unemployed when the changes in technology come at your workplace, it would benefit you to develop some of these abilities in the near future through LearnerOn.Net’s access to courses and books, or entire Learning Paths. With a new - and advanced - skill set, you will have an actual career instead of a job that is just barely paying the bills, or even disappearing in the near future.

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