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LearnerOn's New Clothes

  • On 20th Apr 2019
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Dear fellow Lifelong Learners,

We've spent the recent months by developing a number of major additional functionalities for LearnerOn.Net, which we launched now in April. Therefore, we dared to paraphrase H. Ch. Andersen's famous tale in the title of this News - we however hope we do better than the tale's poor emperor with our new features!

Cutting straight to the matter:

  • The completely new component is the possibility to compose, edit and share publicly your own Learning Paths, in which you can combine courses from our Course Search, Books from the Book Search and, also, any weblinks to other learning resources available on the web (such as blogs or videos). Viewing the published Learning Paths (see a nice example here, and also the printscreen below) is free for all site visitors, while composing and editing Learning Paths is available to our registered users

  • The substantially enhanced component is our Course Search. It now includes more than 6 thousand of courses to select from the offer of major MOOC providers. You can straight click through to the course description, to the course homepage / the provider and start your learning in minutes. Our structured Course Search allows to filter courses by keywords, fee, time to complete and other important features, to help you to navigate the course which suits you the most. Try it now!
  • And, as the constantly tuned and evolving component stays, of course, our learning Questions & Answers forum for our registered users, which is straight on our home page. Are you unsure which learning path will take you the surest to your learning goal? Do you want to spend your learning budget the most efficiently? Are you scratching your head by a learning question, which someone else might have solved before already? Don't wait, ask the community! Or, if you have been through your beaten track of learning already and feel willing to share your experience, share you invaluable experience and insights at the Q&A forum; it may save the others their loose ends and uncertainties.

Try all these new and enhanced things, and let us please know your view! We want you to learn with ease, and we are learning along with you.

We wish you an inspiring lifelong learning,

LearnerOn.Net team

  • Tankyo

    BY Malika Aitchafi
    On 28th December 2019
  • Thank you very much to provide communication web and support people

    BY Mohamed Salih Adam Deayer
    On 8th May 2019
  • Thanks to help comunities get exra jobs in your own country

    BY Mohamed Salih Adam Deayer
    On 8th May 2019
  • Thanks you very much to provide the communication web and support people.

    BY Mohamed Salih Adam Deayer
    On 8th May 2019
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