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LearnerOn.Net: State of the Learning Union Address for 2019

  • On 19th Jan 2020
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Story by: Learnerus Lifelong, the spirit of LearnerOn.Net

The president’s state of the union address usually reflects on the accomplishments of the previous year and what to look forward to in the near future. Here at LearnerOn.Net, we are offering up our own state of the union address for 2019. Let’s take a look at what we have accomplished in 2019 and what is in store for all of us just around the corner!

Our Goal from 2019 and Beyond

If you have been following the growth of LearnerOn.Net, then you know our main goal is to match our thousands of courses we can provide through our site to those of you interested in improving your knowledge and at the same time make yourself more enticing to future employers (or, looking at the LearnerOn’s team, for the sole sake of enjoying to learn more!). If you make yourself a lifelong learner and have an inquisitive mind towards certain areas of study, you will be able to pick and choose the career field you want to enter into.

Besides the thousands of courses we can offer, we also have millions of books available in our Search that will be of great assistance as you set about your chosen learning path.

Have we accomplished the goal in 2019 of matching up learners with the right courses that will broaden their horizons in the near future? We have! LearnerOn.Net was (and still is) a young site and we still welcomed more than 30,000 unique visitors in 2019 with about 300 subscribed users. These are the citizens of our LearnerOn.Net nation!

However, in 2020, we want to take it to a whole new level and reach even more people like you that can better themselves through education. To accomplish this, though, we need your help. Spread the word of LearnerOn.Net and let’s see if we can put more people into the favorable situation of establishing a new future for themselves. As our mission states - our highest hopes are as follows: we want to help set grown people onto a learning path of their choice. All of us. All mankind.

Most Popular Learning Path Subjects in 2019

By examining the most popular learning paths available on LearnerOn.Net, we are realizing what topics many of you are wanting to learn. Here are some of the subjects that are continually being discovered on LearnerOn.Net.

  • Data Science: It is the process of being able to analyze data and pinpoint patterns and algorithms for the purpose of making informed decisions based on the information gathered.

  • Computer Science: The study of computers and software systems. As technology grows by the day, qualified computer science employees are in demand.

  • Business and Administrative Studies: With knowledge associated with these fields, a person could become a sales manager, business consultant, marketing, human resource, and finance.

  • Creative Arts and Design: More people searching on LearnerOn.Net seem to have an interest in visual arts such as photography, video, interior design, commercial design, and things of that nature. We expect that to grow in the upcoming year.

Top Blogs of 2019

By reviewing just how many of you are reading certain blogs, we can assess what you would like to see more of in the future. Interestingly enough, here are our top viewed blogs from 2019.

Learning Questions for the Masses

There have been several learning questions that have struck a chord with many of you as everyone wanted to read the answers to the questions. LearnerOn.Net was more than happy to provide the answers.

  • How to learn English to be internationally employable?: This is definitely a question that many of you wanted answered. And for good reason! Learning English can take a while to do. Finding the best way to learn a new language is vital to those who are interested in furthering their career internationally.

  • Which are learning styles?: Learning styles are all about how a person can learn information effectively. Some people learn best by reading while others learn best from observing either through video or in person. Everyone has a preferrable learning style that they learn best with.

  • Learning Data Science: There is no wonder why so many people were interested in figuring out how to learn data science. It was one of the most popular learning paths researched by all of you.

What 2020 Will Bring for LearnerOn.Net

Here at LearnerOn.Net, we strive to add even more additions to our website to help all of you reach your learning path goals. Hopefully, with this new year, you are one step closer to landing the career you want through the learning you need! If we can even play a small role in this evolution, we would be honored.

Learning keeps us united! Sincerely yours,


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