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LearnerOn.Net's new clothes again

  • On 25th Dec 2020
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At LearnerOn.Net, we are constantly working on new functionalities of our web and solution to serve our fellow learners better and better - and from time to time, we make a bigger bulk release of new version of our site. The newest release has been out right now!

A few new features and functionalities we wanted to bring to your attention:

(Learning Resources) Search as the central point of the site

Searching for learning resources all starts from a keyword search, or tag search, or subject search (depending on what is the main area of interest for the curious learner) - and the search results then serve the most relevant Learning Paths, Learning Collections (more on them later), Courses, particular links or Books. All of these search results then can be straight saved into the learner's own personal Learning Paths or Learning Collections, for later inspection. How rich are the searchable resources on LearnerOn.Net? There are currently a couple of hundreds of our user's curated Learning Paths on many subjects. Our catalogue currently comprises more than 20 thousand MOOC courses on wide plethora of topics. And, also, the Book search (provided through Google Books search) can lead you to millions of books on the topic of your choice.

Learning Collections as new way to store learning resources

Our users were traditionally used to Learning Paths as their major means to save, organize and curate their chose learning resources (videos, blogs, online courses or books or general links), where a well curated Learning Path typically encompasses an ordered sequence of learning resources or learning steps, which together compose a route to learn a target subject from the start to finish. Learning Collection is slightly different - simpler, in essence - structure:

A Learning Collection simply stores learning resources on your chose topic without a particular sequence or order - you can view it as a collection of bookmarks of learning resources which you may want to visit later, or a list or stack of learning materials, where you can pinpoint all your candidate learning resources at your will. It may serve you well by itself, or you can then start putting the learning resources into a sequence to create a more structured Learning Path out of it. A Learning Collection can then be made public (similarly as a Learning Path) - to share it, for example, with your class or a study group.

Further utility features

The new functionalities do not stop by Search or the Learning Collections; you can now for example start following certain Subject or tag of interest, straight from the Search page, by pressing text "Follow". As a consequence, you then will get notified of new learning items falling under the Subject or tag of your choice.

Also, straight from the Search page, besides saving learning items to your Learning Paths or Learning Collections, you can start creating new Learning Path or Collection by simply pressing text "Create".

Besides new functionalities, also new learning resources - particularly new Learning Paths and Collections curated by our users - are being added ongoingly as we strive to serve our fellow lifelong learners better and better over time. We are enormously interested in the views of our users on what functionality they find useful, what content or features you would find useful for your learning journeys next - write us please your opinions to

See you all on LearnerOn.Net!


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