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If You Don’t Adapt, the Job Market Is Going to Pass You By Unless!

  • On 31st Dec 2019
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But Worry Not: There Are Ways You Can Fight Back and Win!

Story by: Learnerus Lifelong, the spirit of LearnerOn.Net

Just like Bob Dylan once sang, the times they are a-changin'. And this is never more evident than in the workplace at the moment. We all want to keep our jobs and provide for our loved ones. In fact, we can’t envision a future where we can’t. However, with automation and artificial intelligence (AI) knocking on the door of every industry, if you don’t change with the times, then you are going to be left on the outside looking in.

Occupations Currently Being Affected the Most

Automation is already making some jobs obsolete as tasks are being performed now with technology where in the past they required an actual person to complete it. There are certain areas of employment being affected more than others.

According to an article titled Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How Machines Are Affecting People and Places that was published in early 2019, there are some industries being hit harder at the present moment with automation and AI. Production, food service, and transportation are already major areas evolving through automation and AI.

Physical labor and other low skilled jobs such as factory or assembly line workers are being taken over through automation and AI. The same can be said for cashiers and food handlers. Eventually, all workplaces are going to be going through a transformation as technology changes not only the world we live in but our jobs as well. Medical care, construction, sales, engineering, management, and education are all realizing the amazing possibilities that automation and AI can offer in their fields.

The Benefits

While technology could be reducing the workforce, businesses are looking at the positive effects that go hand in hand with automation. There will be higher production rates, improved productivity, less waste, better quality, and increased safety. Plus, with robots being able to perform certain tasks, there is no need for lunch breaks, insurance, or salaries for these workers. It is not hard to see why companies should be excited about the possibilities of automation and AI in the workplace.

Factories could soon be almost 100 percent fully automated. Just think of walking into a building and not seeing a single soul around. In fact, the heat would not even have to be turned on in the building. The lights could be completely off and it would not affect production one bit. The cost savings have to be enticing to employers.

It’s Not All Good News

Just in the United States alone, it is estimated that 25 percent of all jobs could be automated at this moment. This means that nearly 36 million workers could be told to pack up and go home if technology evolves at their workplace. In addition, a report by the McKinsey Global Institute suggested that by the year 2030, nearly 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation.

The television show The Twilight Zone, created in the early 1960s, amazingly predicted this happening in an episode titled The Brain Center at Whipple’s where automated machines replaced 61,000 employees at one company. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

You Must Evolve with the Times

Rather than fighting technology at every turn, you must embrace it to make yourself relevant in the workforce. If you are one of those people that keep looking in the past instead of the future, you are going to let opportunities pass you by. Instead of harping about how things used to be done, you should be looking forward at how things can be accomplished better in the present and in the future.

How to Best Prepare to Make Yourself Relevant

There are steps you should be taking now to make yourself indispensable to the changing job market. You want employers reaching out for the services that you can offer. The key is to not wait until it becomes too late and you are viewed as outdated by employers. By preparing ahead of time, you are placing yourself above the curve.

Think of STEAM

STEAM is an acronym for the latest advances in education as more schools are stressing the importance of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics to their students. They are building much of their curriculum around STEAM in an effort to introduce a 21st-century education to all students.

Math and science are two areas that students need more knowledge about. A STEAM curriculum will ensure they receive it. Plus, at the same time, students will develop critical thinking skills, problem-solving, and creative innovation. And don’t think that these types of courses are just for current high school and college students. If you are an adult already in the workforce, don’t believe for a second that you have missed out. It is definitely not too late.

Continuous Education and Lifelong Learning

No matter what industry you work in, you always have to keep on bettering yourself. This happens through lifelong learning opportunities and continuous education. You may have graduated from high school or college already and think the days of taking classes are over. Better think again. If you don’t want to feel outdated, you must search for ways to make yourself stand out above the rest of the employees at your workplace.

LearnerOn.Net is in the business of supporting lifelong learners that are interested with following the right learning path that will lead them to more success in the workplace and with life in general. It is our mission to help others evolve right along with the 21st century.

For instance, through LearnerOn’s Course search, you will be able to choose from more than 3,000 online courses that could literally change the direction of your life. Instead of looking towards unemployment, you could be finding yourself in a brand new career that you will enjoy more than what you previously did in the workplace.

The Course search can be accomplished quickly and efficiently with our online filters. It will detail how much time it will take to complete the course, the cost of it, and how much work is involved. There are numerous topics to choose from that will strengthen your place in the job market. For instance, technological skills are needed as automation becomes more prevalent and we offer many courses to help introduce you to what you need to know.

With the offered courses, they will increase your knowledge on the technical side and also provide you attributes that will benefit any company you work for. With strong communication skills, strategic thinking, creativity, and problem-solving, you can work hand in hand with AI and automation instead of fearing the possibilities of the future. Come see for yourself at LearnerOn.Net and let us know of your learning needs and struggles that you have encountered. We are here to learn right along with you!

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