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How to Navigate the Vast Chaotic Sea of Learning Resources

  • On 25th Jan 2020
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Story by: Learnerus LIfelong, the spirit of LearnerOn.Net

If you have a quest to be a lifelong learner, there perhaps is no better time in history to be living to fulfill your dream. The amount of learning resources available has exploded right along with the boom of the internet. No longer are people relegated to just learning in their town from local teachers that only present a few classes to choose from.

With today’s technology, the sky is the limit as there are thousands of courses, books, videos, and learning blogs available. However, not all learning resources are created equally so you must be aware of which ones are the best to choose from. As it is, one quick Google search for learning resources will give you about one and a half billion results. Rather than spending the rest of your life growing a long beard and navigating through this one search, it would be much better to go about it smartly.

Why Pursue Lifelong Learning in the First Place?

All of us should essentially want to be lifelong learners. After all, it is a way to get the most possible out of life. There are numerous reasons why you could decide to become a lifelong learner. For instance, you may just enjoy learning new skills and studying interesting topics that you find fascinating. But on the other hand, you actually may need it to further your career.

You may already have a good job with decent pay at a company that has been around for decades. However, as technology advances, so must our job skills. With automation, software, and artificial intelligence emerging more and more in the workplace, it could be just a matter of time before your current position becomes obsolete. Here are a few careers that are predicted to be replaced completely in the near future.

This does not even take into account the jobs in manufacturing that are not only decreasing at an alarming rate because of automation, but in fact, the productivity rates are increasing as the workers are being let go. To employers, this is a dream come true. To the average worker, it is time to develop a new skill set that will be harder to replace with technology. In the last two decades, the number of manufacturing jobs has been cut in half because of the overall technology. How soon will it be until a skeleton crew of three or four people could operate an entire automated plant on their own?

How to Keep Yourself Relevant in the Workplace

Just because your job might be able to be replaced through technology, don’t think that your life is crashing down all around you. Instead, there are opportunities that are presenting itself around every corner. It is your chance to change with the times.

There is a widening skill gap between the kind of employees that companies need and the ones that are being offered. Because of this, you could soon be in demand if you keep on your path of becoming a lifelong learner. Approaching the Human Resource department of your company and asking for suggestions about how to improve your skillset could be one avenue to pursue. Perhaps they can recommend a few workshops or courses that will assist you in the workplace.

With perseverance, you will soon be developing new skills that will make you indispensable to the company. In an effort to proceed down this path quickly, you should put your trust in a learning resource that is able to offer just about anything you would need.

LearnerOn Is Your Go-To Learning Resource for Those Interested in Improving Their Career

LearnerOn.Net is an easily accessible website that provides lifelong learners a chance to broaden their skills in almost every industry possible. Learning resources are already plentiful online, but they are fragmented at best. Here at LearnerOn, we simplify the process by improving the navigation.

If your employer is wanting people with a specific set of skills that no one else seems to possess, you could learn these abilities through a couple of LearnerOn’s thousands of courses available through our Learning Search. In fact, ask your Human Resource representative to assist you in choosing courses through LearnerOn that will improve your place in the company as you develop new skills that will be in demand.

LearnerOn allows for a structured search with numerous filters for quick location of specific courses and skillsets. In addition, these searches can be completed for millions of books, too (and learning videos and blogs are in our pipeline). The order providing aggregator and navigator of learning resources will allow you to find suitable content without wasting a moment. These courses will work within all budgets and time constraints. We all have busy lives, especially if you are working at the same time you are taking one or two courses, and this is why LearnerOn’s available courses will fit well into any lifestyle.

Before you jump on board with signing up for a course, you are bound to have some questions. LearnerOn has a question and answer forum that has been used by other people interested in learning new skills just like you. Don’t ever feel like you are in this process alone. We would not do this to you. We at LearnerOn are with you every step of the way.

And there there are the topmost learning assets on LearnerOn.Net: Learning Paths. These are chains of learning pieces (articles, videos, courses or books), curated by our Users to get a learner from her or his starting knowledge point to the end goal – learning new skill or knowledge to the desired level. You can either enjoy the Learning Paths already available, or compose your own ones!

Use LearnerOn.Net as your learning voyage navigator.

Yours wandering in the learningland,


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