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How Has COVID-19 Changed the Future Job Market

  • On 2nd May 2020
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Story by Learnerus Lifelong

All of us seemed to be doing just fine with the global economy chugging along and exceeding most expectations until the rumblings started in late January. There was news coming out of China that a virus was spreading rapidly and could be quite deadly, especially to those with weakened immune systems. Before long, it had spread to the rest of the world. Every corner of the globe was dealing with an illness that seems to be a more damaging case of the flu that inflicts damage on the upper respiratory system.

Flash forward to present day, and it seems that almost every country has some sort of quarantine in place to limit the exposure of COVID-19. Of course, this means people are not going into work and the economy that was once so strong has been tanking for the last couple of months. The spread of the coronavirus has the potential to cripple families financially and has probably changed the job market for years, if not decades, to come.

The Current Restrictions in the Workplace

In an effort to see what may be around the corner for those of us when we finally are all able to return to work, we must look at the “essential” jobs that are still being performed by employees around the world and what the restrictions are currently like for those people.

For example, employees are being asked to wear filtering masks to prevent the spread of the disease. This can, indeed, be accomplished by most people regardless of their job. However, the other restrictions are much more difficult to put in place. For instance, being asked to stay at least six feet away from others would be pretty difficult to do in most jobs. Also, everything needs to be disinfected continuously and people are second-guessing how to handle certain tasks when there used to be no hesitation.

Jobs That Will Certainly Be Affected From Here on Out

Regardless if there is a vaccine created for the coronavirus or not, from listening to many experts, restrictions in society are going to be present seemingly from here on out. If they are saying we should do away with handshakes forever from here on out, then who is to know for sure how these jobs will be able to survive.

The airline industry is certainly going to take even more of a hit as time goes by. Will those families that were considering jumping on a plane to take a short vacation somewhere still want to even contemplate doing such a thing? The airport and airplanes are full of people crammed against one another.

The same can be said for the whole hospitality industry. Would you want to have a room next to strangers in a hotel if you can’t guarantee they are in good health? Plus, while dining out used to be a favorite for people, how many people are going to want to eat in packed restaurants in the near future?

If you are currently in a career in an industry that could fail because of situations such as the coronavirus, it may be time to consider switching to a career that is almost pandemic proof.

Careers to Consider

While jobs across all sectors are currently down at the moment because of the enforced quarantine, there are people that are still able to complete their work and get paid.

Telecommuting jobs that allow the person to work from home are always going to provide a paycheck. Current telecommuting jobs that are in place during this pandemic are teaching, accounting, IT, finance, medical, management, video production, and other careers that involve technology just to name a few.

In addition, there are those “essential” jobs that allow the person to still come to work each day even during a crisis. If you are in the medical field, you are always going to be needed. Construction workers are also being allowed to keep on building. Truck drivers are being asked to still continue to make their deliveries right along with the postal service. And, of course, police and fire are always going to be active and on-call for emergencies.

How to Achieve Switching Careers in the Near Future

If you are considering making a career switch due to the troubling times in many industries, you are not alone. You can actually begin the process by taking online courses entirely through LearnerOn.Net. There are thousands of courses available that will help you acquire the skills needed to make that career change to an industry that is more pandemic proof.

Education may be changed forever with the arrival of the coronavirus as there are schools closing their doors across the world in an effort to halt the spread of the virus. While online learning had been rising in popularity over the last several years, it has never been as widely used as at this exact moment. Educators and students all over are currently corresponding and learning solely through online learning. With social distancing mandates in place, online learning is certainly here to stay as all schools, from elementary through college, are avoiding ordinary classroom teaching.

As learning online becomes the more accepted norm, especially during these times, let LearnerOn.Net assist you in finding the right learning path for your situation and goal. LearnerOn.Net offers access to and intelligent navigation for massive open online courses (MOOCs) for virtually any subject area and career opportunity. Your current and future employers will appreciate the knowledge you will have gained through the available courses as you move up the ranks in your chosen career field. With so many Learning Paths that are already established and ready to go, let LearnerOn.Net guide you into becoming a permanent lifetime learner!

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