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Course Search is live on LearnerOn.Net! And, some more news

  • On 22nd Jan 2019
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Dear Lifelong Learning aficionados,

We hope you started well the new year 2019! We wish you a lot of inspiring learning, and we hope LearneronOn.Net will become your trusted guide on the way to it.

We have spent our winter holidays by enormously interesting learning: we've learned how to create a nice and handy search component for you, to be added to LearnerOn.Net site - and today we are happy to share the results with you; please note that now you can:

  • Use our new Course Search functionality to search, walk through catalogue, filter by a number of criteria - including time to complete, price, estimated efforts and others - more than 3 thousand of online courses, on a variety of topics and from a number of interesting providers. Upon a click on the course item of your choice, you will be gotten to a detailed description of the course, and then you are just one more click away from the provider's site and subscription instructions. Enjoy! We have enjoyed that already and immediately popular among the LearnerOn.Net team - which is, admittedly, currently biased towards Data Science - became this jewel on Graph Algorithms... However, there are many courses for different tastes and needs.
  • The second new component is the beta version of Book Search - books having been a source of great learning for ages, and our belief is that for ages to come. Our book search component is powered by the Google Books search API, and thanks to that there are possibly millions of books waiting for your queries. Upon a click (or double click, depending on your browser) on a book of your choice you will pass to the book's details page.

All this new functionality is open and available not only to our registered users - whom we thank for joining us and enjoying some of the site functions dedicated just to signed users - but to all LearnerOn.Net site visitors.

We keep learning on, and working on. We plan to expand the number of courses available in the search component, so soon there will be a few thousands more. We dream on, and learn how to do, and dive on creating new exciting components for you, which will make your learning path choices and the learning itself more informed, enjoyable and exciting. We as the LearnerOn.Net development team are ourselves pretty excited by the learning path we are moving along. Learning is cool!

Wishing you an inspiring new year full of learning,

LearnerOn.Net team

P.S.: If you wanted to join LearnerOn.Net as a user, but were not sure how and what is the site good for, then a gentle introduction can be found here.

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