Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of signing up and becoming LearnerOn.Net registered user, as opposed to staying as an unregistered site viewer?

While the site content is generally available to unregistered viewers who can browse the Questions and Answers material, read the News & Views and make use of these, the registered and signed users are in addition getting an access to a multiple of features and functionalities:
  • the key user's activity - asking a Question, placing and Answer or posting a Comment on the site - can be done only by registered users,
  • registration also allows to participate in the voting on Answers placed on the site, which is very valuable feature for the learning community
  • registered users can get automatic notification of new Answers posted on their questions, on new Questions in a category of interest, and also can subscribe to automatic notification on new News & Views content and postings, as well as to the Twitter version of them,
  • LearnerOn.Net development does not stop here: new functionalities for the site users are intended and postings on them, if and when they become available, will be part of the site News & Views stream.

How a question can be posted on the LearnerOn.Net site?

You first need to sign up and / or log in to the site before you will be able to post a comment or an answer. Then,click the Ask Questions bookmark and you will be taken to the Question asking form. Please note that the form has a couple of sections - besides the body of the Question itself, also those on your current starting knowledge, your desired learning goals and others. If you can, please fill them all - it will greatly help the Answers you may expect to come to be really relevant for your learning needs and context.

If you interrupt writing your Question, after a few seconds your draft post is automatically saved (you do not need to care about saving it). You can then finalize writing and posting your Question, or to put the completion and posting for later - your draft will be waiting for you to be re-opened and completed at any time when you join LearnerOn.Net again, and you will find it in the User's section of the site, in the upper right corner of the page, under your User's nickname, in the All Submissions part.

How an answer or a comment can be posted on the LearnerOn.Net site?

Similarly to posting a question (please see above the Q related to a question posting), you first need to sign up and / or log in to the site before you will be able to post a comment or an answer. Then, anywhere on the site where you can view a question posted, you can add your comment or place an answer to that question (in the News & Views section of the site, you can also place comment to the News & Views item of your interest). Please note that a full answer to a question on the LearnerOn.Net site consists of three parts, and ideally each of them should be filled to provide maximum utility for the user who is asking: i) Learning Path Recommendation – in this part, the succession of recommended courses or practical steps to learn the subject of interest should be included; ii) What Was Your Learning Experience – eg, quality, availability and attention of the lecturerers, of the lectures themselves, of the shared / available course materials, rating of the content / delivery would be good to place here; iii) What Was Your Learning Utility – matters as, eg, what in restrospect was the major take-away of your learning experience, how useful and practical it really was in helping you to achieve your goal (eg, finding new job, getting a salary progression, mastering the skill you needed, any other applicable goal) fits here.

Your draft Answer or Comment will be autosaved, and you always can come back to it to complete / change at will, in the All Submission part of the logged-in User's section, similarly to the Question posting described in the previous FAQ.

I submitted a Question (Answer, Comment) on the site, but do not see it appearing there yet

All user's posts on the site are going through an appoval procedure, which may need certain time – therefore, please be a little patient. You however will be notified on your registered email address when your post goes live (or if it needs a review or an adjustment), thus your post will not go on screen unnoticed by you!

In the meantime, whether already posted on the site or not yet, all your posts (Questions, Answers or Comments) can be found in your individual User's section in the upper right corner of the page - if you move cursor on your name there when you are logged in, see the section All Submission in the roll-out menu.

Do the site posts need to be solely in English? Are there any language standards for the site?

At the moment, the site's language is English and right now we do not have any other language versions. The language standards are simple - posts need to be in line with the site Terms of Use (thus, eg, no offensive language or hate terms are allowed to be part of a post), and, also, the meaning of the post needs to be clear (thus, use of proper English is desirable) and reflecting the purpose of the site and the particular section (learning path Question, Answer, Comment or similar). If the post does not fulfill the above standards, it may be returned back to the posting user for editing or not allowed to be posted. Thus, the recommendation is to write relevant posts and in a decent English - not perhaps for the site being just for English purists, but for the sake of clear meaning of the posts, which then helps to attract clear and relevant answers and comments too. If you are not English language speaker and are unsure about the English of your post, you may want to consult online translation or language services - as, eg, Google Translate.

Can LearnerOn.Net help me to find a job?

The purpose of the LearnerOn.Net site is not a job search, or an online job agency / job mediation. It however may help the site users to improve their job prospects indirectly – by allowing to post Lifelong Learning / Adult Education questions, and to get answers on useful learning paths, courses and similar matters from the community of fellow learners –  and also to get answered possible questions on how useful the learning paths were in, e.g.,  applying for new jobs.

What if I cannot find the tag(s), which would best reflect the Question I am about to post?

Tags (and, possibly, also categories) will be an evolving set and they will be ongoingly updated by the site team. If, e.g., the tag(s) you would deem the most appropriate for your post would be missing in the offered possibilities, write us your suggestion to Contact Us.