Frequently Asked Questions

LearnerOn helps companies to structure their approach to education and upskilling of their employees. It is a powerful tool for assigning internal as well as external material according to teams, skills and per employees and track their learning progress and its impact on up-skilling.
  • Specifically for Learning & Development Managers: for you, LearnerOn can be best described as means of mass instruction. Besides using and searching the catalogue of learning materials already prepared by LearnerOn, you can also add your company's internal learning resources and make them easily discoverable by your colleagues. You can assign learning to individuals, teams or the entire organisation. You can use our templates and create your organization's very specific Occupation, Jobs, Roles and Skills profiles. You can manage the learning - and learners - within your organisation from a single central point, and then track, monitor and analyse the learning progress.
  • Specifically for Learners: for you, LearnerOn can be best described as an intelligent learning self-service platform. You can discover learning content in our curated catalogue of more than 500,000 learning materials; you can link relevant content to Skills you want to polish as a matter of priority; you can make it clear for you and your managers which Skills you focus at and plan their development in advance; you can even plan your future career role and the related skilling at LearnerOn; you can compose and curate your own Learning Paths or Collections to suit your personal learning needs and interests - and keep them for yourself, or to share them with your peers and to contribute this way to the world of learning and development.
  • LO is for companies who want to support learning culture not only from the top down but also from bottom up - we can entirely serve as a learning self-service platform for teams. Thanks to competency models it helps to shape the skill profiles of your employees and focus on the right learning for the respective skills and employees.
    We call LO as a weapon of mass instruction. Why? Because it helps HR and L&D managers but also team managers to approach to up-skilling of their teams from more structured and sophisticated level.All starts with having an overview about what skills your teams and employees possess and setting up a desired development goal. Then assign materials to the respective skills and monitor the progress. At the same time, the platform serves as a learning hub for learners (employees) itself, enables creating learning paths, subscribing to various content creators etc. and thus boost the engagement and learning possibilities for your employees.
    LO is a SaaS solution so to implement and run the platform is basically free. Each company pays a monthly subscription depending on the number of employees enrolled to the company account. For more customised offer, please contact us at
    Great! Let's get in touch so we can provide you an access to our demo account and walk you through the platform, its features and possibilities. For scheduling a demo, please contact us at
    Good news - no implementation is needed! LearnerOn works as a cloud platform, Software as a Service, and all you need to do is to plug and play (in our case, learn). We of course allow for en-masse onboarding and similar integrations, but installation is needed indeed.
    Our catalogue gets you to video, audio, written or entire course materials on broad-range of hard-skills subjects such as IT, coding, computer science, technology, sustainability and more, as well as soft-skill materials on subjects such as sales, presentation skills, critical thinking and more. We are not creating new learning materials ourselves - we believe, that there are lots of great materials made already and our task is to make them easily discoverable. We collaborate with major MOOCs as content providers (their courses may be free or for extra fee, depending on the material), and we also actively navigate free-to-consume learning materials available online. And should you miss a subject or materials you would appreciate, let us know - we are constantly researching new learning materials to be added!
    These are the main compound units of learning accessible over LearnerOn.Net, aggregated and curated by fellow learners (and can also be aggregated and created by you). Learning Path in an ordered sequence of online learning materials (such as courses, videos, blogs or ebooks), which generally aims at taking you from a starting point of your knowledge, to a desired learning goal, through gradual successive steps with increasing level of difficulty. Path is therefore similar in nature to a "course". Learning Collection, on the other hand, can serve as a repository of your learning links, with folders made by your chosen subjects or categories; it does not have to have the right order of the materials. Many users are using Collections as "read later" or "bookmarks", but these - if made public by the author - can be searched, chained with other Paths or Collections, and become very versatile compounds of knowledge.
    What are Learning Paths and Learning Collections, indeed?-gif
    What are Learning Paths and Learning Collections, indeed?-gif
    The Learning Paths and Learning Collections are curated, composed and posted by the fellow learners and LearnerOn.Net users, and some also by the LearnerOn.Net team. You of course can created and post you very own Path or Collection! Best way to start is to search a learning material relevant to you over the Search capability, and then save it into you already existing, or brand new Learning Path or Learning Collection, and from that point on start adding other relevant learning resources for your goal in the right sequence. You can add you annotation and commentaries, keep the Path or Collection private just for you or to make it public and share with others. If you publish it, you can also post it to social media, start collecting comments on it or upvotes. You will see statistics of your posted Paths or Collections in real time. Others may learn from you knowledge and experience, you will become a teacher in a sense! And even if posted, you can continue editing and developing your Path or Collection further, as you wish.
    Who is curating the Learning Paths? How can I compose my Learning Path 
or Collection myself? Can I make it public for other fellow learners?-gif
    Write us, and we will be keen on advising you on the what and how: