About Us

We are building LearnerOn.Net in order to support the community of adult, lifelong learners in finding learning path for their specific needs and means, however diverse they may be.

We do it because we believe that continual learning, in order to know and understand more, is universally a good thing. Not only does it lead to better individual chances through improved skills and job prospects; it also makes the world better as a whole. It fuels progress.

Our starting team is small. Our background is education, math, physics, data science, finance, and consulting. We are convinced lifelong learners ourselves - in learning we trust!

As LearnerOn.Net itself is on a learning path, over time we intend to bring more to support the participating users and learners. We are about to employ AI and Machine Learning to aid the Human Learning.

Our highest hopes are as follows: we want to help set grown people onto a learning path of their choice. All of us. All mankind.


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